Cassandra is a professional costume designer with many years of experience in producing for the performing arts. She has been involved in all kinds of theatre, ranging from the classics to avant-garde, as well as film and television. Primarily known for her work in theatre, her most significant contributions to the performing arts is as costume designer.

She believes that costume design is a critical art; it is not a painting or illustration but rather the communication of ideas. 

Her background proves her ability to provide comprehensive creative support and leadership for high-quality theatre productions. With an inherent passion for the performing arts, Cassandra's communication and organizational skills position her to thrive in any challenging and creative role.

Cassandra's professional administrative theatre experience also ranges from coordinating stage crews and running rehearsals, to managing designers and set workers, and overseeing production budgets.







stage/set management

breaking down scripts/scenes

keeping continuity - both analog or digitally


rehearsal scheduling & maintenance for large scale performances



alterations & garment construction

budget balancing

fabric content & garment care

costume scene breakdown & continuity

period costumes

measurments for fit & costuming

fast aging / distressing of garments on set

developing creative methods for quick costume changes on stage

doing laundry, pressing and general costume maintenance

assisting artists with dressing and quick changes

organization & general maintenance of costume department




overseeing the sourcing & making of props

pre-sets & re-sets of performance prop

prop scene breakdown

prop continuity to ensure flow of style, design, and time period

DIY, craft and repair

organization & general maintenance of props department

developing creative methods for quick scene changes on stage

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I give my 100% commitment to everything I do, and do it to the best I know I can by taking advantage of my multi-tasking and time management skills.

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after thousands of years of existence, theatre remains one of the most innovative and inclusive art forms in the history of the world. this is exactly the reason why I love the dramatic arts, and why I believe everyone else should too.

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I believe that unity within a team is key in order to achieve the best in any production. Strong teamwork results in becoming proficient at dividing up tasks so that they can be completed by the most qualified members.